Bruléed Grapefruit

It's been a while since we've done breakfast together. So striking and so pleasingly retro, yet so perfect for today and every day. Caramelized brown sugar + pink grapefruit + a sprinkle of fleur de del to create a whiff of that salted caramel flavor. How to win breakfast: Bruléed … Continue reading

Buckwheat crêpes

Buckwheat crêpes are one of those things I love to eat, but, for some reason, rarely make myself. That turned out to be an easy thing to fix! You can prep the very simple batter the night before and whip up some crêpes and impress your family come morning. These are perfection however … Continue reading

Sugar-glazed radishes

So French and so simple. These radishes make a silky, delicate side to your lunch or dinner. Serve warm, with a sprinkle of flaky sea salt. Tips: Steam the radishes using a colander, a steamer basket, or - my choice - a bamboo 'dumpling' steamer. And get the crunchiest, sweetest radishes you … Continue reading