Edible flowers + Wildflower honey

edible flowers honeyYou have probably noticed all of the lovely edible flowers making their way onto my plates recently.

Besides decorative uses – and yes, they are a crisp and delicious little bite – they also have practical applications.

You can add the flowers to clover or wildflower honey, making for a very sweet hostess gift (the idea was making the rounds for Mother’s Day!).

One of my favorite floral boutiques in NY, Flower Girl , has another suggestion: freezing the flowers into ice cubes, using distilled water for clarity, and serving them in summery drinks and cocktails.edible flowers honey 2The honey I made also made a guest appearance on the buckwheat honey and lemon crêpes that I will writing about next week from the road between Paris and La Rochelle.

Stay tuned and have an absolutely beautiful weekend (I really hope it stops raining!).edible flowers honey 3


  1. This honey makes ordinary honey look so… boring! The flowers add colour and I am sure, awesome flavour 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. I’ve candied flowers and made ice cubes with them . I love the idea of putting them in honey the next time we have house guests…it will be so pretty to serve for breakfast. I hope it has stopped raining by you, we drove up to our cottage in Maine and it has rained off and on for the two days we have been here so far with temps in the 50’s and 60’s. 🙁

    • saffronandhoney saffronandhoney says:

      It does look lovely on the breakfast table, Karen:) hoping for better weather for you in Maine. It cleared up today over here (just I time for me to leave!)

  3. I love infused honey and should remember to do this the next time I have some edible flowers to hand 🙂

  4. The honey is so beautiful. And I am looking forward to those crepes! What an elegant combination. 🙂

    • saffronandhoney saffronandhoney says:

      It’s a bit dangerous how easy the honey + crepe combination really is – I could have many…:)

  5. Deliciously beautiful. so elegant . I would look forward to mornings if they were greeted with a little of your pretty honey.

  6. The honey looks gorgeous! Edible flowers are the kind of touch I always miss out on when I cook. I think I could use a little more detail-orientation when I’m preparing food. The ice cube idea seems like an easy way to make a meal a little more beautiful.

    • saffronandhoney saffronandhoney says:

      Mostly, they are not really necessary haha but they do add such a pretty and colorful touch:)

  7. These pretty little blooms look so heavenly in the honey! I love lavender honey myself and the blooms always look so gorgeous in the amber syrup. It’s such a great way to use up the petals too 🙂

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