Postcard from Paris {belatedly..}

20140124-153113.jpgBack from a lovely sojourn to Paris and into a whirlwind of arctic New York (winter will be over soon…)

Had a wonderful time exploring, with my favorite combination of revisiting old favorites and getting to know new neighborhoods.

There were, of course, endless coffee and cake breaks…
…and luxuriating over an aperitif and a piece or two of gateau at Le Wood.

Finishing off the last night at Frenchie, which as I told my friend, may not be the most French food in Paris, but it’s some of the very best. The rabbit I had that night is the 2014 dish to beat so far.
And I love an open kitchen.

Lots more pictures from the trip on my Instagram!

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  1. We may have been in Paris at the same time my friend unknowingly :P
    Looks like you had a blast, I love how much you travel!


  2. Just perused your instagram. All the jealousy! #wanderlust

  3. love the shots but that first one is sublime! c

  4. Good food shared with good friends in such a wonderful city, as they say “priceless”.

  5. Jealous! Can’t wait till I make it there.

  6. I never got a chance to tell you how this post brought back some wonderful memories of my two visits to Paris years ago. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time :)

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